Grants & Bursaries

Rural and remote education is the main focus for the NT ICPA, whose main aim is to ensure equity of access to education for all students who live in the Northern Territory.

The Northern Territory covers a large area which has resulted in the majority of the students within the Northern Territory having to deal with isolation and limiting factors with their education.  The NT ICPA State Council and the two major branches within the NT offer a range of bursaries to member's children to help alleviate these limiting factors.

NT ICPA State Council

The NT State Council supports its members' children through it's bursaries and competitions:

  • Siba/Wellard Grants
  • Post Secondary Bursary
  • FRRR Back to School Competition
  • Zoetis "Pastoral Industry" Student Grant

Alice Springs Branch

The Alice Springs Branch is a supportive group of people who are all interested in the improvement of outback education and facility access. With this goal we currently offer the following bursaries for members.

Current Bursaries:

  • Alice Springs School of Air -$1500 for a member’s child leaving ASSOA (yr 6/7/8/9)
  • St Philip’s - $2000 (towards boarding) for a member’s child currently enrolled at St Philip’s College.
  • Secondary Bursary - $2000 to member’s child in a secondary school, other than St Philip’s.
  • Senior and Junior Personal Development Bursaries- up to $1000 (for each age group) to a member’s child year to assist with the costs associated to attend an educationally based seminar, course or activity of their choice.

Katherine Branch

Katherine Branch have developed partnerships with local businesses such as Bendigo Bank, Landmark. ANZ, Zoetis Austlralia, Olssons, RABO, LNT and Stocklick Trading who have provided valuable support and sponsorship in recent years which has supplemented the branch's fundraising. The branch also administers a bequest from long-time friend of ICPA Katherine Branch, Val Utley. 

Most bursaries and grants require families to have been members for at least one, sometimes two years. Members receive email notification when bursary and grant entries are open, along with information on closing dates and entry criteria.

Current Bursaries:

  • ICPA Landmark Bursary (Upper Primary, Middle Years and Senior Years). $250 to $500 available for each level to recognise, encourage and support students in their education. 
  •  Personal Development Grants (Available to pre-primary children and all students, from Primary to Post-secondary.) Grants are to assist families with costs associated with activities related to personal development of the child, for example, Sport, Music, Drama, Excursions, Art and Craft. 
  •  Val Utley Memorial Awards -- This Award is sponsored by the Utley family and is available to all Members’ children, seventeen years and under. The Award recognises, encourages and supports rural and remote NT youth in various endeavours, such as travel, enterprise, courses and educational or medical expenses. 
  •  Royelene Hill Art Competition -- Open to all members’ children, KSA and NTOEC students. 

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