Home Tutor Register

The NT State Council runs a Home Tutor Register, co-ordinated by an ICPA member. Linda Bowman, the current  co-ordinator, has the broad experience of living in the outback, employing governesses and tutoring her children. You will find Linda's conatct details on the Contacts page.

The Home Tutor Register is only an information service for parents looking for tutors, to lessen and streamline employment agency and advertising costs. We do not match employer and employee. All employers are given the same list and then choose what they check about an applicant -  references, details etc.

Before accessing any names, employers MUST provide the co-ordinator with their Duty Statement and be a financial member of the  NT ICPA. If an employer doesn't wish to become a member,  a donation of $100 is acceptable  to NT ICPA (ICPA membership costs $50/yr).

The NT ICPA  does not accept responsibility concerning working conditions or employment contracts entered into between the Home Tutor and the employer.

The NTICPA Home Tutor Register acts solely as an information provider.

If you are interested in job opportunities in the outback as a Home Tutor, (governess) or carer (i.e. nanny) or if you are an NT ICPA member looking for a Home Tutor or a carer for children, please use the links below to access information.

 Home tutor register - information for applicants





This form can be emailed to Linda Bowman at nticpa.htr@gmail.comEmployer application form