NT Submissions

13th October, 2016

NTICPA's suggestion to support the inclusion of a minimum 2 telecommunication policy in an updated USO, would be continuing to support the mandated right to a fixed line service in all areas where people reside or carry on business until a Mobile Service is in place. We support the belief that it is imperative for all Australians to have at least two forms of Telecommunication available to them in order for the safe practice of normal, everyday life.

Telecommunication Universal Service Obligation Inquiry July 2016

21st November, 2015

NTICPA welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the Education Act Reform consultation process having long held the view the current Education Act has shortcomings in several areas, but especially in legitimising some of the policy mechanisms for improving disparities between the costs of educating rural/remote and urban students.

NT ICPA - Reform of the Education Act 2015

20th November, 2015

NTICPA would like to support our Federal Council's request in asking for a more generous means testing for youth payments.

We would also like to see the removal of the family assets test as this is penalising outback families, who have to purchase large assets to work their land and make a life of it, often very sacrificially.  This means that although some families seem to be rich in assets, these assets are not luxury items but generally machinery, which limits day to day cash flow.

NT ICPA submission to Federal Senate Committee - Assets Test & Youth Allowance - Oct 2015