NTICPA State Council NEEDS You

Posted on January 22, 2018

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NTICPA State Council AGM will be held on the 21st March in Alice Springs and is calling for ALL members to think about stepping up to the challenge of being a part of the State Council for the benefit of improving educational access for our rural and remote children.

Below are some documents you can download explaining what it is like to be a part of State Council.  Please read them all and think about representing your part of the NT and the schooling system that you currently use. 

The NT is such a large land mass that the style of education delivery changes depending on where you live.  In Southern NT you would have a greater number of students accessing education by distance education and boarding school, however the closer you come to the northern coast the more small rural schools appear within the mix. 

Senior studies (Years 10-12) are made up of delivery by boarding schools and the distance education school based in Darwin which can be 1000kms away from home.  Tertiary studies could be the same.

So for the NTICPA State Council to be effective it does need representation from most importantly the north and the south but also representation for ALL types of schooling within the NT. 

Please read the documents below and talk to current or past State Council members to find out more.  The State Council journey can be quite a rewarding one on both the educational lobby front and also the personal networking that will happen.