Education Delegations from the Bush to the Big Smoke

Posted on June 15, 2018


6 June 2018


It’s meant to be a mini-delegation but NT ICPA (Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association) State Council’s next round of meetings in Darwin on 11th & 12th June are anything but ‘mini’. A jam-packed schedule of meetings has been organised with some very important people, to discuss the big issues impacting education in the bush.

Following the Northern Territory State Conference held in Alice Springs in March this year, where member families passed more than 16 motions relating to the tribulations of educating children in the bush, NT ICPA State Councillors are coming together in Darwin and have arranged meetings with education stakeholders who are in a position to work through the issues.

“Delegations bring us together” said President Tiani Cook. “ICPA represents geographically isolated students. We strive for equity in education for rural & remote students. We have a very committed State Council to represent members; it’s our role to take member issues to the right people and pass on real-life experiences. Not all experiences are good. There is a lot we can do to improve education in the bush”.

The big agenda issues for these delegations haven’t changed much in the past few years, and fall mainly under the headings of Boarding and Allowances, Communications and Technology, Distance Education, Early Childhood, Special Needs and access, such as roads.

“We are very privileged to meet with key people who can really make a difference to equity in education for bush kids. The Territory is small and there is a real opportunity for us to develop strong working relationships with government and other agencies” said Tiani Cook.

President: Tiani Cook. 08 8956 8764 (home) 0429 826 054 (town).

Publicity Officer: Sarah Cook. 08 89569705 (home) 0413 919 272 (town).