Brushing the Dust Off to Meet The Minister

Posted on November 1, 2018

Six Northern Territory Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association (NT ICPA) Councillors visited Darwin recently, attending meetings with the government departments and Ministers to talk about the challenges in education for rural and remote Territory families.

This is NT ICPA’s second and final round of face to face meetings this year and the opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of the issues raised by members is highly valued. Topics on the agenda included boarding schools and connectivity in the bush, but above all it’s an opportunity to develop relationships.

“We are looking forward to meeting the new Education Minister for the first time face to face” said President Tiani Cook. “We had a very good working relationship with Minister Lawler and we look forward to having an equally strong relationship with Minister Uibo”.

President: Tiani Cook. 08 8956 8764 (home) 0429 826 054 (town).

Publicity Officer: Sarah Cook. 08 89569705 (home) 0413 919 272 (town).